• Obvious Insight #3:

    People tend to buy things from people they like. Radio keeps people engaged because radio keeps people company. And we’re not just saying it—listeners are. They say radio keeps them company and helps them have a good time more than TV or the Internet does….

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  • Obvious Insight #14:

    A really good time to talk to somebody about a new car is when they’re driving around in their car. Seems pretty obvious, doesn’t it? When people are driving around, they’re listening to the radio because it’s a valuable companion. It’s more than news and…

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  • Obvious Insight #7:

    People listen to radio because it makes them feel good. Obvious Insight #7A: People like feeling good. Call it the “radio effect” if you want. It’s a real thing. Listening to the radio puts people in a good mood. And when they’re in a good…

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  • Obvious Insight #12:

    A really good time to sell somebody something is when they’re ready to buy something. Everybody’s busy these days, and more and more of us are making shopping trips on the way to and from work, and during lunch breaks. Radio’s the perfect way to…

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  • Obvious Insight #15:

    People don’t want to feel alone in their cars, even when they’re alone in their cars. Next time you’re driving, look around you. Notice how many cars have just one person in them? But those people aren’t alone. They’ve got a companion in their favorite…

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  • Obvious Insight #18:

    When people are more interested in something, they’re more likely to pay attention.

    It’s one of the toughest challenges in marketing: getting people to pay attention. Radio makes that a lot easier. Heavy radio listeners love their radio time because it’s a comforting habit, a ritual, a companion. They’re engaged and listening. Research shows that they’re more likely to pay more attention to radio ads than ads in just about any other medium. It’s why radio delivers such strong R.O.I. compared to other choices. Hard to believe? We’ll send you the research.

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  • Obvious Insight #24:

    If you want to have people talking about you, reach the people who do a lot of talking.

    People who listen to radio a lot are an interesting group — because they’re an interested group. They listen because they like to feel connected — to station personalities, to what’s new around town —and that means they also talk about brands with their friends.

    They’re more likely to own smartphones and they’re very active online. They’re listening and paying attention. And if they’re paying attention, that means they’re ready for what you have to say.

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  • Obvious Insight #9:

    The best word-of-mouth advertising starts at the ears.

    People who listen to radio do a lot more than just listen. They talk more about brands with their friends. Research shows that heavy radio listeners talk more about advertised brands and wield more influence among their social circle — both

    in-person and online — than heavy users of TV and the Internet. So if you want people talking about your brand, they’re listening — on their favorite radio stations.

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  • Obvious Insight #5:

    As a general rule, most people prefer being entertained to being bored. It’s what radio does better than any other medium. It connects on a personal—and real—level. It keeps people company and entertains them throughout their day. Listeners think of their favorite on-air personalities as…

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  • Obvious Insight #17:

    It’s easier to get somebody to listen to you if they like you. When you want people to pay attention to your advertising message, it sure does help if they like you. That’s why radio works so hard and so well. When people were asked…

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Community Cuts

Local Radio Stations Support 13th Annual Patriots Day Blood Drive

Darren Smith of Mighty 1090 was  broadcasting live at the 9/11 Blood Drive to benefit the San Diego Blood Bank!  Radio stations The Max 105.7, and 102.1 KPRi-FM were on site with music and prizes.  This great cause was a wonderful way to commemorate those who were affected by the September 11th,…

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